New sketch for the sketchbook project. Completely unrelated to Brian Eno (I know, right?). I am under the total realization that I want little to do with my actual theme. I do this a lot with rubrics and I think it showcases my creativity far more than the work itself. Case in point, coffee = sleeplessness. Actually, there is something slightly more nuanced about this piece. I named it after an Andrew Bird song, which I am apt to do: “yawny at the apocalypse.” The fish is drinking a cup of coffee in a non-aquatic setting, perhaps suggesting apocalyptic taking place. You know, BP oil spill? No, actually I didn’t think that far ahead but I think considering its status as one of the worst oil-spills in history (I’m not sure if it is second behind the Gulf War Oil-spill or if it’s lower on the list) and that it is constantly in the news, I wouldn’t be surprised if people made that conclusion. Overall, very pleased with it. All this sketching is making me recognize how much my art has been influenced by the mere acts of doing printmaking. I do a lot more line work that I did with drawings. At the very least, I feel it’s a bit more controlled.

As a side note, I watched Torchwood: Children of the Earth last night and I realized that the quality of science fiction in Torchwood is far superior to that of Doctor Who, well not too far superior. But I think there is something about it that exceeds Doctor Who simply on the level that the Doctor is a Deus ex Machina. It’s why I like Battlestar Galactica so much. The characters are believable and have to face moral dilemmas. The Doctor does face them, quite a bit but tends to do so with relative ease. I like characters who I can question. Random tangent. Jack Harkness is questionable and therefore, I love him as a character. And, you know, being gay doesn’t hurt either.


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