Tills. Thrills. Spills. Frills.


Well, finally an interpretation of Eno. Like the description says, sometimes babies are terrifying and should be on fire? Or maybe I just wanted the picture to be less cliche. So there you have it, scary baby. On fire. Going into the water.

Minnesota, your summer is less than summer-like. I should be able to wear a t-shirt without shivering (unless of course, it’s the middle of the night).

I decided to work primarily from home today as it looks like it’s going to rain (although it looks that way almost all the time in the past week or two but in actuality, rained very little). Now, I am pretty much finished organizing the slew of documents I decided to bring home and have little to do at the moment. I am almost done getting everything from the library. Should only be in there for an hour tomorrow.

Northfield tomorrow night? I am more than excited. Getting out of this town might be good for a little bit.


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