Mas Northfield


I have a headache, which is clearly because I am going through a caffeine withdrawal.

I just got home from a stay in Northfield. I found myself thoroughly impressed with the town. I think it’s mix enough between urban and rural that I would enjoy living there. I think one of the pluses of even living there is that there are so many artistic people living there. I met so many artistic and creative people in the past few days, and it just blew my mind. It was refreshing and fun. We saw Meredith, one of Marie’s friends play at the library. We chilled with kids at the key, the union for the youth in Northfield. Good experience. The Fisher family was so nice to let me into their house.

I think there are two random asides on my front?

I watched the new Doctor Who yesterday. Not extremely impressed with this episode, I must say. I just want to know about the Pandorica. I don’t care about random episodes. In fact, it seemed like the only two significant portions of the episode was the fact that Amy found the engagement ring that belonged to her in the Doctor’s coat pocket (this is ultimately too complex to explain, if you’ve not been following Doctor Who thus far) and the fact that one of the time cracks was behind the refrigerator in the house that the Doctor lodged in.

Also, another aside. I’ve been listening to the Villagers’ album, “Becoming a Jackal.” The lyrics can be pretty dark at moments, not really depressing per say, but definitely darker imagery. Nevertheless, there’s a lot of beautiful work done on the album, the lyrics included.

I was hoping to do more art sketching tonight (I did two very rough ones while in Northfield). I should probably do more packing tonight.


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