just be my master, and i’ll be your fever


Mo’ money, mo’ problems. I guess my landlord cashed my rent check a few days ago, which leads me to wonder whether I should pay him rent for this month. The check is paid, but this leads me to wonder if I don’t check up, if I’ll get back my security deposit. Plus, it looks like what happened was that enough money was deposited into my account to cash the check, so I don’t know what’s going on. What exacerbates the money situation is that because I was under the old contract, the U did not give me all of the money for my last paycheck. I got about half of the paycheck, which makes me want to go into the U of M and talk about it. However, I am just tired of dealing with money issues. I kind of figured this would be the day that I had to stop worrying about money. So this entails me going into the U at early hours of the morning (when I am more likely to be crabby, especially now).

So here goes to a day of going to the U (when I hoped not to), calling my landlord, and cleaning the fuck out of my house. Crabby Queer. At least I have a picture for you.

“So they walked down a golden street, where all the lovers meet.”


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