the heart of the sun


The room smells like Nag Champa, and I am exhausted as fuck. Moved pretty much everything that I plan on moving over to the Nicollet House. I feel good being here. It’s really nice to live with other people. I produced three sketches today and I am beginning to develop a color palate and really want to try to create sketches that are minimalist in nature. Simple sketches, use more color when I want to emphasize a certain point or feeling. This is all coming together nicely. By the time I get my sketchbook, I think I’ll have a clear story and aesthetic.

I am realizing just how much I’ve grown over the past four years. I’m inhabiting a room that hasn’t been minefor that long. There are paintings on the wall that I painted when I was in high school, places where I compulsively tore off the paint. I think it’ll be a good transitional space. While I’m still a chubby adult, I remember being a fat little kid in this room. I’m a double Bachelor now, with a minor. I’m matriculating as a Master in Theological Studies. I’ve felt the urge to produce more creative work than I have in a long time. Shit son.

In terms of my theme for the sketchbook, going back to the sketches. While I sort of started off with something science-fiction-y, I had little intention of creating something more related to sci-fi. But the more I think about it, the more science-fiction is about different levels of sleeplessness. I was watching more Doctor Who last night, of course, and realizing that the aliens in Doctor Who are often just various facades of humanity, especially the Cybermen and Daleks. Both are actually part-human and therefore, represent some of the most terrifying aspects of humanity. Or Battlestar Galactica, where humanity is chased across the galaxy not able to rest, the Cylons wrestling with their own identity. Um. This is me over thinking things. Anyways. More sci-fieque. Alien abductions, tears. The second drawing represents a more minimalist approach to the sketches. The last sketch is actually going to fit onto one of those small moleskin pages. Star boy gets taken by aliens. Moon man is clearly upset by this. These three panels are not the logical extension of the last one. I want to create a panel between the last one and these three.

More to come. This queer is tired.


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