Strange Days, Indeed


More like strange dreams, indeed. It’s Friday. That feels good. I’ve been having more than my fair share of strange dreams. Most of them involved Lady GaGa as the pope and me as Monsignor Ladyfingers. Monsignor Ladyfingers is the name my old room mate, Korla, gave me when she was writing her Undergraduate thesis on Liberation Theology and Monsignor Ratzinger, always came up as incorrect on her word processor — the suggestion that it be Monsignor Ladyfingers again. I was told she’s my spirit animal. I think she gives me advice about life, as I always feel better when I wake up. One dream I remember last night was that there was a giant fox on the top of the roof of a garage across from my mom’s house. My friend Chris and my sister warned me about it and it attempting to attack me but I got into the house, just in time. Then I attempted to drink chocolate milk mixed with coffee (because GaGa told me to). I woke up at that point but I am pretty sure that was about to transform into a large bear. Strange. Very strange. Most of these were likely an amaligation of what I was doing before bed (talking to Sean about Lady GaGa, listening to Fleet Foxes, drinking a glass of chocolate milk).

Last night I watched La Planete Sauvage (The Fantastic Planet), one of the many science fiction films that I should have seen. It was extremely strange. I am not sure if I actually liked it. I am one of the few people who is not a big fan of 2001: A Space Odyssey, so perhaps my qualifications aren’t quite refined enough. It was beautifully made animation and I think one of the messages of the film is a similar theme that keeps being perpetuated in a post-911 world: overcoming fear of the Other. At the same time, I wonder what the purpose of the film was. There was little backstory and the resolution was relatively quick. It is almost as if the story is secondary importance to the landscape and therefore, the animation. Oh well.

This makes me realize that I’ve dropped the ball on drawing. I’ve mostly been working and then laying around the house. I also realized why I don’t like my current bibliography project. It’s slow because most of the articles are in German and the fact that I am writing in German means that I have to work much slower. I might update with my post on CNN bitching about Queer parenting.


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