Oh Hai Anxiety


8  days until I queer it up with my favorite Quaker. I am suddenly anxious, in part due to my own procrastination, to go to the East Coast. Ariella has been telling me that I will fit in well there, and that few people can pull off living comfortably in the Midwest and in New England. I made an appointment with a doctor for a Tetanus Shot and a Physical. I just got insurance. The issue with the insurance is that it can take a few weeks to process. I have the appointment next Friday. In other words, I have to pay almost $400 out of pocket if my insurance isn’t processed by then. I have the money but I need to be saving that money. Partly this is my own doing. It would have been covered if I did it at the end of May, before my mom’s coverage ran out. This is the real downfall of procrastination. I also contacted the pet relocation people and it costs at minimum $1000 for getting a pet from point a to point b. That’s two months worth of rent, and therefore, too expensive to even contemplate. And that is definitely all of my savings account at the moment. My goals for the day are to get my Xcel and Centerpoint bills paid off and closed, email Professor Darr about my research interests. In other words, I should have everything taken care of by today, to the extent that I can take care of such things. Perhaps I’ll be less stressed but I feel like my anxiety is going to be high for the next week. It makes me distain money even more, or perhaps those people who have their parents to help them out with all of these things. I guess I don’t really distain them because we cannot help the cultural and social contexts in which we find ourselves. But, it definitely makes me recognize that coming from a mildly poor family means certain difficulties in breaking out from that context of poverty. It’s frustrating.

I got a tattoo. This is my last week at work. Fred Phelps is picketing a Lady GaGa concert in Missouri (which I find hilarious) and Israel has given full control of conversion to the Chief Rabbinate in Israel, which is made up mostly of Haredi (which I find to be kind of depressing). That’s pretty much it. Birthday party time.


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