love love love, all through our bodies

In the past couple of days, I feel like I am at a much different place than beforehand. Sean decided that it was financially infeasible to move out to Boston at this point in time. I always figured that it would be logistically difficult to move from Minneapolis to Boston. Simply put, it was a pipe dream concocted by two committed lovers who did not want to part ways. Not that it was a bad thing to hope. Hope allowed us to have a long conversation about the next year and what it would entail. I feel that I am at a better place about it. It’s difficult for me to be parted from someone who has, in a short period of time, become a significant player in my life. Nevertheless, the significant player is significant wherever we are, even if we’re parted. It’s going to be hard but it’s going to be fun. I think it’ll be fun to go back and forth between Boston and Minneapolis and I think it will be fun to go to camp next summer. This year is going to be an adventure and I cannot help but be excited about our future together. Next year in Jerusalem, I mean, Boston.

I got to emailing Prof. Darr. We’re meeting on Monday about my directed study. Unfortunately, there are no TA positions available. This makes me really concerned about the prospect of jobs. I am not terribly concerned at the moment but I do worry about money for the end of the semester. At the very least, I can get away with not having a job until November, depending on if my insurance at BU comes out of my merit scholarship. Should I be worried? Probably not. Am I worried? Yes. I have to remember that these things take time. Hopefully I will be able to do a direct study. My schedule is looking more and more like I will have mostly class on Wednesday and Thursday. My hope is to take Sociology of Religion, a Direct Study with Darr, Reading the World, and either HIV/Aids and Ethics (there’s no list of what time it’s being taught, so I am skeptical about it being taught) or Theologies of the Body over at Harvard.

Lastly, I want an I phone.


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