bears, beets, battlestar galactica

I am suddenly remembering how difficult it is to be far from the people you love. It’s difficult to be far from friends, family, my lover. I can definitely feel myself talking to those people a lot this first semester. This first year could be hard. I am definitely feeling a lot of anxiety at this point in time, enough that I am going to go in to talk to Anastasia on Monday about it. I think it’s a combination of job, school, and homesickness. I feel good about living here but there’s a definite fear about living here because I am in a place where, if I screw up, I have people or places to fall back on. After today, I am less anxious. Nevertheless, I think that after today, I feel a little less anxious.

I could go into all of these thoughts more deeply but for now, I will say this: first, I am taking my course on theologies of the body at Harvard Divinity School. Second, got advance standing in New Testament and I will likely get it in Hebrew Bible once I talk to prof. Darr. Third, I got a job doing house-cleaning for a man. The latter makes me less anxious about money but I am obviously still worried about finding a job that is secure. I start tomorrow, so I can definitely ask about job security and the number of hours I am working. If I can do that, I can make about a month and half’s worth of rent. It’s really close to my house and I feel that Peter is a laid back guy. I am slightly nervous about working outside of the bounds of school but he seems really nice and I like doing work that helps others in some way.

Ps. I still want an I-phone.


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