more reflections on jobs, money, mammon

I worked with Peter yesterday and I can’t say it helped me feel less anxious about being financially secure. Turns out I’ll only be working once a week if I get hired. It will probably pay for my groceries but only that. I am intent on still getting the job but it also means that I am forced to look for something else, as well. This leaves me with two options: find a secure job or do various temp jobs throughout the year. The latter sounds more appealing at this point, for various reasons:

  • It allows me to get jobs easily. My philosophy about the temp jobs are that they’re meant to be filled by almost anyone. It does mean competition. But it also means that I am likely to find jobs.
  • It will allow for me to work around my class schedule and allow me to focus on my academics, rather than focusing on my job. Since I am a merit scholar, doing well with my education is just as important as getting a job. This will allow me to secure the money again next semester (and even lead to the possibility of securing more money next year). The whole purpose of me going to BU was so that I could focus on my education, not a job.
  • It will mean that I can travel to Minneapolis without having to worry about scheduling it with my boss. This is the one thing that I worry most about, in particular during Winter Break, when I’d ideally like to go back to Minneapolis and spend time with my friends and family.

I think number two is one of the big factors for me. I am going to talk to Anastasia tomorrow about my anxieties and some tips for looking for a job but also not worrying about money (since BU’s philosophy is one where learning is top priority and that also means financial aid). Perhaps she can point me to scholarships as well.  I just need to feel less anxious about it and I already know that I am worrying too much. It’s nice to hear from some who has been through graduate school about some good tips. I just don’t want the same thing to happen that did last year. I also want to be able to afford living in an apartment with Sean next year as well as being able to afford a new laptop for myself, so any money I can save from my merit scholarship would greatly help me.

Maybe I also need to articulate a desire to see my family help more with my education. Even if it is a meager amount. Like $25 a week or something like that. A cumulative $200 from my parents could go a long way. The only reason I’m uncomfortable about this is that I feel like it would be articulated in a way that screams entitlement. I feel its fair that since I paid for my own education, for the most part, throughout undergrad, that if I need help at all, I get it. Especially if I articulate it in a way that emphasizes my desire to dedicate 90% of my schedule to education, not working at a job. Who knows if I’ll get to doing this. It makes me sound pampered but it might be what I need.

I feel like it is more apt to deal with my ramblings about Glenn Beck in a separate post.


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