My reaching out to the person who said anti-Semitic things did not work. He’s standing strong with the idea that what he said isn’t harmful to our discourses about intolerance. At this point, it’s in the Universe’s hands. I hope he realizes why I am offended by speech that equates my people with negative forces in society and why that creates problematic discourses. I am too sick to think about it.

I am not in chapel today. I feel bad about it but it’s a hectic week and I will be at service Friday night and Saturday for Yom Kippur. I am excited about going to a new Synagogue. I’ve been thinking a lot about reconciliation and hoping that I am at a place where I feel reconciled and a sense of wholeness in all of my relationships.

That being said, I don’t feel like typing cohesively anymore. I feel sick. I love all of my friends at BU. I am going to discern whether I apply as a Ph.D candidate next year. I love Sean a lot and he’s pretty awesome. I miss Minneapolis a ton. I just did my job interview (I know I did better than most). I think I still appreciate Peter Berger’s The Sacred Canopy a lot. I feel pretty queer. Pretty radical. Pretty radically Jewish. ❤


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