So. I’ve done minimal reflection on being yelled at last night. My thoughts lean towards putting in a two week notice. Then I think that I am utterly against such an idea. I am feeling put off by the whole event and that colors my perspective a bit. Perhaps today will be a different day and perhaps I will do better than I did yesterday. I also have to keep the perspective in mind that I cannot quit a job that I find too difficult for myself. I think it’s really easy to fall into that trap. This is just an extension of point one. It also prevents taking responsibility for my own faults. This is not to say that I am shifting all responsibility on myself because I think that’s a very capitalist way of thinking.

We automatically blame the employee, never stopping to question whether it is the manager who is responsible for training that employee. That’s the feeling I also have. I definitely feel that I am not right for this job, but I also feel that I could be right for this job, given the right training. It’s not enough to put an employee into the elements and expect them to work stellar.

So. I have a lot to think about. I know if my job keeps going this way, then I need to put in a notice. If it goes better, then I am more than happy to work until early December.


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