jubilation entering, tribulation leaving

Now onto less philosophical and theological issues within my life. The semester is rapidly disappearing and it is coming down to my decision about whether to stay or go. Furthermore, Monday I flew into Boston. My week has inevitably been long, complex, and frustrating. Yesterday,  I woke up in a strange funk and it felt awful. Nevertheless, I am beginning to gain some clarity on the issues that I am facing within my own life. I am beginning to question vocation. What is my role in the world? Where is my justice work going to occur? What people am I going to love, to inspire, and to protect?
As of lately, I am more sure than ever that I do not want to return to Boston University next semester. It’s unclear whether I will return to the institution in the long run. Probably not. I am depressed and while I do believe it is situational, it is a depression caused by a loss of surroundings and a loss of a sense of home.  I am away from that which I really care about and I need to be there. So, I am moving back to Minneapolis during the winter.
I have goals, which is very like me. I want to teach high school social studies. I don’t think that this is a really new goal for me but rather an extension of a lot of the justice work I hope to achieve and why I wished to teach in the first place. My goal is to do work either with Teach with America or with Americorps for a year. I plan on talking to someone in the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Minnesota about what sorts of things I need to do in order to be prepared for obtaining a degree. It will ultimately mean work for the next year of my life but it will also ultimately mean that I will be doing things that I am passionate about. I think the next year will also give me a lot of flexibility to be the person I wish to be.
And being able to hang out with Sean wouldn’t be too bad either. ❤

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