the long road to education

So it seems that everything I plan to do in the next year and a half will be severely complicated. This is not to say that I do not plan on going ahead with it anyways. In fact, I think it’s good to recognize early on that the goals I wish to accomplish will be complicated.

First, the Teach for America process is long. If I apply December 15th, it will take until April 4th to find out about my assignment. On this basis, I might be more inclined to work in the Americorps because it seems the application process is shorter and I will be immersed in work/training immediately. I will likely apply to both, however.

Second, I will go back to school for more education before obtaining my licensure. One of the requirements of the M.Ed/Teaching Licensure is that I must have 28 in one concentration if I want to teach social studies, not including the fact that I have to take a course in every one of the concentrations. I will email the College of Education and Human Development program to see if I can petition some course materials. It does mean that my goal of getting a licensure might set me back to entering into school for 2013 or even 2014. This is fine, for the most part. One thing I will ask is whether I can take some of my coursework outside of the University of Minnesota. Namely, if I am working on a credit-by-credit basis, I would rather take courses at MCTC, which is likely to be cheaper than the University of Minnesota.

Again, at some point today I hope to email someone in the program to find out specifics and whether all of what I want to do makes sense. If I can do significant amounts of coursework at MCTC, I would be fairly happy. I should also take into account summer courses as well. If I can do some of that, I would be happy. Perhaps this is just the Universe’s way of telling me that I should slow down on my goals. The goals I have will be there at some point in the future and that’s alright. I can do Americorps and Teach for America meanwhile.

Now, I just have to simply figure out my concentration (It’s falling on either History or Political Science, although Sociology might be useful if I ever wish to go back to school for Sociology of Religion).


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