no patron of kings


γνῶθι σεαυτόν. gnothi seauton. know thyself.

As of lately, I have thought about my own politics, where do I stand on issues and what critical ideas to I hope to assert as a political person. I do not think that anything I have to give at the moment is particularly innovative, but rather facts exerted repeatedly. Nevertheless, these facts need to continuously be spoken of publicly.

Ideally, I would love to post a series known as, “words have meaning” because dialogue is of critical importance in my though. However, I am entirely aware that inclusive dialogue is ever possible without creating discourse that allows for said inclusiveness. The whole point of the series would be to problematize the political rhetoric of our country. My basic goal is to argue that while words and phrases can never be separated by the general culture in which they’re produced, rhetoric in our political landscape is always used in this way to enforce certain power structures. For instance, the term big government is meant to invoke a sense of tradition in our nation of liberty against tyranny-therefore evoking the traditional reading of the Revolutionary war.

There are three things I want to look more critically at in the coming weeks, even though there is an already long commentary that agrees with me on these topics. I would like to talk more about big government and what it means to be for it and to be against it. I would also like to talk about what it means to actually espouse conservatism, thereby, critiquing popular use of it. Finally, I would like to talk about State’s Rights and the sort of hypocrisy at play.


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