NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM, eat our children

This the argument National Organization for Marriage (NOM) has for Same-Sex Marriage:

I get the whole, the economy is the most important thing we can deal with at the moment, I really do. However, marriage has just as many economic implications as moral ones. The only difference between a child raised by two parents and a child raised by one parent is that the latter child is less economically well off from the former child. Denying marriage to queers is problematic and the reason why I most support same-sex marriage is precisely because while I am critical of the institution, I also know that marriage is, economically, the most viable for those with terrible health insurance and other legal rights.

Second, I find the argument that the people should vote about moral matters to also be problematic. At this point in time, 52% of Americans believe Same-Sex Marriage should be legalized. Sure, we can, instead rely on Same-Sex Marriage at the state level rather than the federal level, but there are already states that legally recognize it. What I am getting at here is that this argument becomes moot once the majority of the people accept same-sex marriage as a fact. NOM’s reliance on the ‘folks,’ is shaky at best. Can NOM accept that more and more people are alright with redefining marriage, given that it was decided by the ‘folks’? Majoritarian politics is largely arbitrary, given that the will of the people will change from time to time. So, either NOM needs to accept the logic that marriage will be redefined in the future, or it needs to abandon its populist sentiments (this is what the ‘folks’ believe, because it’s not what the majority of Americans believe).

Third, don’t tell me about how marriage is a waste of time to our economy, when several legislators throughout the United States are passing legislation that Sharia should not function in cases of constitutional law. These bills are ridiculous considering, Halakha, or Jewish law, has never been used to the same effect, and Halakha is very similar in terms of legal framework to Sharia, as Haroon Moghul explains. Instead of worrying about an imaginary threat, why shouldn’t these states instead worry about our economy?


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