Redux: “I can’t see you with a fat chick.”


Hugo Schwyzer discusses an article over at The Village Voice, entitled “Guys Who Like Fat Chicks” and the politics of liking women who are fat. Some good quotes include,

“So much of men’s focus on thin women, I pointed out, is wrapped up in the desire to gain status in the eyes of other men. One of the most basic tasks for heterosexual men is a simple one: learning to separate what it is that they personally find desirable from their desire to impress others. Our ruthlessly fat-phobic culture doesn’t give fat people “trophy” status, even if (as the article suggests) many men are sexually drawn to heavier women.”

He also concludes discussing the politics of fattness:

“The politics of fat are complex. (For people looking for some great writing on the subject, I always recommend starting with the incomparable Kate Harding.) Our censoriousness about “health” so often covers up our own anxieties about status and public desirability; too often, the “fat American” becomes a symbol of a kind of grotesque, unthinking colonialist consumer. No one is denying that for some, there can be health consequences to being significantly overweight. But there are countless other risk factors that are much less stigmatized, and much less likely to be used to rob people of their dignity and their sexuality.

And when it comes to our sexual and romantic choices, we need to separate our craven status-seeking from our authentic desires. Fat-shaming is too often about the former.”

You can read the whole thing here.


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